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At first (2004), the brewery « Lupulus » was built to brew malted beverages dedicated to be drinked in the tavern next door. In 2007, the brewery decided to create a new beer, in kegs and in Champagne bottles.

The brewers wanted to offer a beer brewed with traditions, but with unique aromas and tastes, with modern equipment. The exceptionnal region where the brewery is based, gives the brewers all the inspiration needed.

The brewery is built in a magnificent old farm from the 19th century, part of the Ardenne heritage. The insallations are based in the middle of the fields, in a green spot, just beside a fresh watercourse.

Even if our ancestors couldn’t testify, we know the wolves populates theses Ardenne’s landscapes in the old times. Some say that theses wolfpacks were coming out Slovenia, where the best hops in the world are cultivated...

True story ? Anyway, the wolf stepped on a new beer : the « Lupulus ».

For the record, the latin name of the hop is « Humulus Lupulus », which means litterally « Small Humble Wolf ».


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